Make Move Easy Team

Where service is in our DNA, care in our heart, and professionalism a way of life

Six years back, when we started our journey to live our dream and bring to life our passion for helping others, we made a commitment to ourselves that we are going to enjoy what we do, and we will do it with a smile.

That smile was infectious, and has transcended all our staff through all these years, as we started to build our reputation as the best people in the business of removal, packaging & storage, and rubbish removal & cleaning services.

It’s not easy to be a member of Team Make Move Easy. Each potential employee goes through a thorough vetting process which includes psychological testing to confirm that the person has the best credentials, skills, experience, and most of all, passion to be in this business. We take our time to select, but once we do, each member becomes a part of our greater family with shared values.

We are often asked the secret of how we ensure every member on our team remains visibly passionate in their jobs, and our answer is always the same; take time in selecting the right person, but once you do, train the person well and support them in every aspect of their job, and make sure they remain passionate and hungry to learn. And – we make work fun. Period.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient company in any of our areas of competence, feel free to reach us on our given numbers or fill out our Contact Form and our Client Relations Executive will get back to you immediately.