About Us

Committed to relieving you of the stress of relocation

Our journey to be the best in the business

It all started six years ago when we decided to put together a team of the best professionals in the removals and packaging & storage business, with a focused commitment to offer efficient, reliable and professional services in the Greater London area. Today, we proudly stake our claim as the:

Change is constant and that’s why we exist

London has been a hub of dynamic activity with more people and businesses relocating to and from the city. The problem is that with each relocation looming in the near future, there is an increase in the levels of stress regarding the forthcoming packing and removal of household items.

Most items will need to be taken along, while some will be discarded. The worry is always regarding precious and fragile items, and of course, large-sized furniture, beds etc that can present quite a challenge to the owner. And with some reason.

Cases have been reported of items being damaged in transit due to poor packaging. Or, where storage is involved, due to poor conditions at the storage location.

Built on commitment and care

We set up Make Move Easy to address precisely these concerns, with a commitment to serve each client with the respect they deserve and handle every item of theirs with care, as if it were our own. Our secret to success lies in our stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that we have laid down to be followed by all staff operating at every level.

On the appointed date, our team arrives at your location in the appropriate removal van along with all necessary packing material and lifting equipment to facilitate quick and easy packing and removal. Every item is catalogued and accounted for and a copy of the same is handed to the client at the time of removal, and for re-confirmation at the time of arrival at destination.

Our frequently monitored internal checks and balances ensure that our trained team delivers efficient service with a smile, at all times. Our long track record of satisfied customers bear this out. Such is our confidence that we invite you to compare our quote for Man & Van services, removal services or packaging & storage services with any competing service provider.

Our difference lies not just in our value-for-money services but in the detail with which we handle all items, with the same care and efficiency that is normally extended to all precious or fragile items.

Make Move Easy

We chose the Greater London area to focus our services, as this continues to witness increased demand for removal and storage services. In fact, there is also a growing demand for storage services as clients look for a secure place to store their items for short or long duration. Here, the quality of packaging is critical, as the items within require to stay unaffected through the storage period. We take extra care in selecting suitable packing material with every item, as per need.

Make Move Easy also provides professional services in rubbish removal and cleaning. At any given time, there are excess items that simply occupy space within your premises that you do not need anymore. We help you with the removal of these items as and when you choose to have them cleared.

Furthermore, we also offer professional cleaning services wherein our trained professional(s) shall visit your location along with all necessary cleaning equipment and materials, and restore your place to the best extent, within the cleaning mandate.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient company in any of our areas of competence, feel free to reach us on our given numbers or fill out our Contact Form